Vitamin sticks

Our vitamins are distributed in the form of sticks containing powder.

One sachet contains 3 g powder sugar granulate with vitamins and minerals. This packaging form allows more precise dosing. The speciality of our product is that after tearing off the top of the small sachet the content of the sachet can be poured onto the tongue which is readily absorbs in the stomach. If you don't have anything to drink on hand, it can still be easily taken. It is a product of exotic tastes, and is made with orange, lemon, tutti-frutti and blue grape flavours.

It is delivered in handy small boxes, which contain 10 sachets with 3 g granulate each. If the stick is boxed or you just take a small sachet, it can be easily put into a pocket or a handbag. It is the vitamin for busy people. Has a pleasant taste and it's handy when you are on the go.

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