Sugarfree effervescent tablets

Though our product range has an extremely low sugar content, our sugarfree line is definitely recommended for those on diets or people with diabetes. Our body demands 260 g carbonhydrates (including 90 g sugar), 50 g protein and 80 g fat on a daily base, which is affected also by other factors (body weight, heavy physical stress, sports etc.). Consumption of high amount of carbonhydrates (mainly fine white sugar) suddenly increases the blood sugar level and produces more insulin in the body. One of the methods of reducing the level of sugar is consuming products containing sweeteners.

Sugarfree sorbitol-based stevia is used in our products, as stevia is a sweetener derived from a natural source and is free from smack.

The Multivitamin product of our sugarfee product line contains 12 vitamins. Our Vitamin C contains 1000 mg active ingredients, and is of a modern composition with a fine taste.

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