Sport effervescent tablets

Our products in large tubes are our real novelties! Larger tablets can be placed in the larger tubes, and the active agent content of them is also higher. Our products in large tubes are made mainly for those who do sport.

Our L-carnitine tablets have been developed for efficient training, our Creatine tablets promote building of the muscles, increase the physical performance during repeated and very intense physical exercises, and our Isoride tablets are intended to supply minerals lost during sweating, They come in three very pleasant tastes: orange, lemon and berry.
It is recommended not only for gym users but also for any kind of sport activity. Their speciality is that they are diluted at least in half a litre of water, and therefore long-distance runners and cyclists can easily use them, as they do not have to search for water frequently. Our tablets are 10 to 12 g, can be solved in 500 ml or 750 ml water depending on your taste, they are pleasant, refreshing and excellent against thirst.

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